Wilma's purpose in life

Wilma is a linux server for the students of the Faculty of Sciences of VUB University and of course in the first place for the students of Computer Science. If you study at the Faculty of Sciences, you can immediately log on using your user name and password for the public computer rooms in building E. (You can apply for such an account through this page.)

Other students can get access if they study a course taught in the Faculty of Sciences for which the use of Wilma is required. They can apply for an account though the same web page, but they additionally have to send a mail to the system administrator to ask to activate their account for Wilma.

Installed software

Wilma runs Slackware 14.2 and, among others, the following extra packages: Allegro Common Lisp, Bazaar, CMU Common Lisp, Darcs, Fay, Flawfinder, Go, Glasgow Haskell, Jasmin, Ltrace, R, Racket, Rats, Scala, Steel Bank Common Lisp, SWI Prolog, Tpico, Valgrind, and a bunch of libraries that come in handy for typical programming projects.

Teaching assistants as well as other users can request the installation of more packages; these requests will be honoured if practically possible. There is no budget however for extra commercial software. The installed versions of free software packages can be copied from /usr/local/src to install them at home.


Although user names and passwords are shared with the public PC-rooms, Wilma does provide separate home directories in /home. Backups of these are made every night, and kept for a week. The home directories of the public rooms are available too, mounted under /ighome. Standard soft quota on /home are 3000 megabytes, hard quota 3072 megabytes.

Users are allowed to start processes that will run for hours, if they are "nice", i.e. started with a lower priority. So instead of calculate-pi-exactly, start nice calculate-pi-exactly. Processes that run for hours and are not nice can be killed by the system administrator.

Privacy and the lack of it

Professor Dirk Vermeir and his merry band of teaching assistants sometimes ask to "hand in" an assignment by placing it in a specific subdirectory of your home directory. They possess the necessary privileges to take a look inside everybody's home directory to read and test your program code. This way they can also help you more easily during your projects. This of course entails that Wilma provides less privacy than the computer center servers, at least in principle.

Tips and FAQs